Hello there.

You went to Add Device -> Choose a Hook -> Enter a Device Name

The App is requesting you to press remote buttons, but when you press the remote buttons nothing is happening. 

Follow the troubleshooting steps to try:

  • Ensure that the hook is online and is breathing cyan, something like this 
  • Does the light on the Hook glow white when you press the remote button?
  • Take the remote very close to the Hook and try again. 
  • The light doesn't glow white nor the App shows that a button was added 

If all the above is true, please email us support@gethook.io. In the email, please provide 

a.) your email address associated with Hook account

b.) remote/device you are trying to pair. A website would be helpful. Include the FCC ID listed on the remote, if there is one. 

If you are pairing Etekcity outlets, you don't need to include the website link.