WEP is special. 

To setup WEP on the Hook requires you add some extra information to the WEP password, specifically:

the index of the WEP key (0-3) (in your router it's probably labelled 1-4, so just subtract 1)

the length of the key, typically 5 or 13 bytes

the key itself

For example, let's say we have the key 123456789A at index 0, then this would be written as


Breaking that down:

  • 00 - this is the key index 0. Other possible values are 01, 02, 03. 
  • 05 - this is the length of the 40-bit key (5 bytes - it's the number of letters/numbers in the key divided by 2). Another possible value is 0D for 104-bit keys. 
  • 123456789A - the remainder is the actual key

Please email us at support@gethook.io if the above steps fail.

Thank you.