1. Install the Particle app on your iPhone or Android [Search for 'Particle io']

2. Login with email:support@gethook.io and password:hookcpr123#

3. Click on the "+" icon on the bottom right and choose photon.

4. Go through the steps in the App. If asked to transfer ownership, go ahead and transfer.

5. After receIving the Setup Complete message in the App, check that the Hook LED is breathing Cyan color. If so, Hook has successfully connected to the WiFi and the cloud service. Good job! Go back to the main App screen and make a mental note of the Device Name and Device ID. Next, we need to move the Hook to your Hook account from this Particle support account.

6. Now using a computer or your phone, go to the Hook Web App at www.gethook.io/web and log in with your Hook username and password.

7. Click on the Settings on top-right. Select Support: Transfer Hook.

8. From the dropdown, select the Device ID for your Hook. In an unlikely scenario, if there are more than one Hook in the dropdown, make sure you select the Device ID that belongs to you.

9. Give your Hook a name. You can call it whatever we want. Be creative! 

10. Click Transfer and that's it! Confirm by checking under Hooks

Now, you can add Devices to your Hook. You can use the Hook Web App or the Hook iOS App to do that. You can also delete the Particle App now. 

TROUBLESHOOTING: In case something goes wrong, Note the device ID and the device name (if you can). Email us this information along with the Hook username. We will look into the issue and move the Hook to your account from the backend shortly.